With the majority of its 250km of pistes located higher than 2000m, located on the north face of the mountain, Serre Chevalier is one of the largest snow-sure ski resorts in the Alps.

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As the fifth-biggest resort in France, the Serre Chevalier ski resort is the perfect option for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities. Whether your students are just starting out or looking to push themselves, you'll find a huge variety of pistes and features to enjoy here.

Starting at 1300m on the valley floor and climbing to a peak of 2800m above sea level, Serre Chevalier is a snow-sure resort with plenty to offer. Given its location on the north side of two mountains, it also holds its snow cover for longer and sometimes benefits from a longer than average ski season, perfect for anyone that is considering hitting the slopes over Easter. 

Here are some of the highlights that Serre Chevalier has to offer:

  • 13 Green pistes
  • 250km total length
  • Night skiing
  • 26 Blue pistes
  • 575 snow cannons
  • Snowpark 
  • 29 Red pistes
  • 59 ski lifts
  • Boardercross
  • 13 Black pistes
  • 5 training zones
  • Fun zones

For beginners, the resort offers a huge variety of training zones, easy runs, and fun zones to make sure that your students feel comfortable every step of the way. Starting off at the foot of the slopes next to Villeneuve, you'll find three different training zones complete with ski-tows to quickly take you back to the start. 

As your school group progresses, you'll find more training zones halfway up the mountain, as well as a huge variety of green and blue runs to choose from. You'll even find blue runs meandering all the way down from the summit to the valley floor, giving you some fantastic views out across the Guisane Valley. On your way down, don't forget to stop and try out rolling jumps and banked turns of the "FunnyCross" zone!

For intermediates, the resort features a huge variety of red and black runs that connect across the peaks and take you down to the valley floor below. Around the resort, you'll also find various fun zones dotted around, such as the snowpark and boardercross zones. The snowpark also has different graded runs so that you can always match your ability to what's on offer. Whether you're looking for speed, jumps, rails, deep snow, or off-piste, you'll find it all at Serre Chevalier.